The Collected Home

My primary focus as the designer of is to create original modern canvases. But to a large extent, even within the realm of painting and designing these images, I am curating a collection of styles. Painting is one part of my aesthetic life and I also love to  collect and design my home with a variety of interested and emotive concepts.

As we each build a place to call “home” or “work” it’s important that we articulate a sense of soul. In the design process I often look to places and time periods for inspiration. In this installment I’m looking at the London Town House.

London is a special city in the psyche of western civilization. Not as lauded as Paris or as dreamy as Rome, it is a place where the cerebral, and the powerful tend to come to fore. Those who have kept a London house over the centuries reflect a passion for the wider world and a desire to make their home  a collection that resonates within the ones’s life. Our London Collection reflects a contemporary vision of this inspiration.

Probably no era reflects this stronger than the early Victorian period and the homes of John Soane (noted architect) and Frederic Leighton (artist). Both of their homes have been preserved as museums and each reflect an exotic and deep the aesthetic minds that collected as much as they designed a space.

Our new London Collection, is my curated eclectic array of images in a variety of sizes that express the beauty and curiosity of art and the world in a variety of ways. A mixture of plant and animal prints, soft paintings,  with a distinctly British feeling. I also added some new original graphic modern images to add a truly contemporary feeling.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be digging into this collected soul of the London Home and hopefully finding some exciting and interesting things along the way.

David Diskin

m-dc design director.


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