Hallway Transformation – Blog post 2

When we left off last we had come up with a concept. We also showed you an example of our dark office wall with hanging prints which helped us draw inspiration. That is how we find what we like. Inspiration can come from just about anywhere but its a good idea to look in magazines, and check out various websites like Pinterest & Instagram.


This is the original untouched hallway, prior to starting the renovation.


This is the Hallway after we painted it. This dark, rich color is exactly what we wanted. This will give us the dramatic effect we were looking for.

The Power that can come from a coat of paint is insane! Just changing the color of a space makes everything different. New color gives a room a burst of energy and depth that rearranges the space into a new purview. Even though the space is the same, it now has a new look and a new beginning. To achieve our color we painted with Benjamin Moore Color Black Satin 2131-10.  Benjamin Moore even has a personal color viewer on their website where you can upload a picture of your room and see what different colors will look like on your walls.

A below par paint job is easy to see. Take care to avoid the number of mistakes many people make, like drips, splatter, and uneven lines. These mistakes usually happen when people try to rush the job. So just remember to take your time and be mindful of the paint as you go.

Check back with us again soon. There is plenty more in store for our no longer “forgotten hallway”.


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