Hallway Transformation – Blog Post 1

All of us have spaces in our homes or offices that are rather nondescript. Yet these kinds of spaces are opportunities to explore drama & cool design choices, often only for the cost of paint and creativity.

Our m-dc canvases are a wonderful tool to add to renovations as we can supplement color, scale and style with ease.

Our Design Director has a home in Sag Harbor, New York. It has a rather banal & long neglected bedroom hallway in need of a refresh.











The adjacent bathroom got a complete modernist overhaul and the hallway was in serious need of a contemporary & dramatic touch.


Currently suffering from boring off-white paint color & overused Hampton sea-grass sisal. A few floral prints hang on the wall & an orphaned m-dc Jumbo canvas, “Vacation”, while this is a great canvas, is currently hanging here as an afterthought.

Our concept is to create an impressive dark walled space, with bold dramatic Jumbo sized canvases. We want to both personalize it and give the feeling of a cross between a gallery wall at MOMA & something you might find in a London townhouse.

We have a gallery wall in our offices that we painted a dark “gray” color form Benjamin-Moore.IMG_4654

While almost black we intend to utilize this backdrop to use some Photo2canvas prints of his family’s 2 dogs, an existing m-dc canvas, plus, we are going to create a new image just for the space. Hopefully, to let you inside our design process.

Stay tuned for live updates on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest as we go along & of course, here on the mdcdesignblog.


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